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2023 WR Malik Elzy Gives Recruiting Update

Malik Elzy from Chicago, IL entered this year with an offer from the University of Michigan. The 6-foot-3 wide receiver has seen his stock rise over the past few weeks after completing a strong spring season with Simeon.

“Recruiting is going good, it went out the roof. All these colleges are looking at me because they like how I play,” said Elzy.

Elzy has recently picked up offers from Illinois, Tennessee, Michigan State, Minnesota, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Vanderbilt.

“They’ve been telling me that they like how I play and that I would be a good fit in their programs.”

With many prospects on the verge of being able to attend camps and be on camps his schedule is expected to be filled quickly. He plans on camping at Notre Dame and Ohio State and is looking to finalize dates for each of those camps.

The talented wideout is eager to be able to hit the road and visit some of the programs who have extended scholarship offers as well.

“I want to visit Tennessee, Michigan and Illinois, no dates for the visits have been set yet.”

Elzy has begun to build a strong relationship with Tennessee offensive coordinator Alex Golesh.

“Coach Golesh told me that he likes me and that I seem like a cool guy. We connected when we were on the phone, I really like the connection that we have.”

The in-state Fighting Illini are a team who appear that they will be involved in his recruitment for a long time.

“U of I is showing a lot of love, they’re showing real love. I could stay in the city and ball out. They’ve been telling me that It’s the school for me and I could stay home and be the neighborhood hero.”

Elzy did not name any programs who are currently in the lead but did mention which teams he is speaking to the most. As of now Tennessee, Memphis, Minnesota and Illinois are the schools he has been in communication with the most.

As he continues to develop as a player, he will continue to garner more attention nationally. Elzy is currently on track to be the top player in the state of Illinois for the class of 2023.

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