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Please read below for answers to the most frequent questions asked by families prior to our linemen and 7v7 tryouts. With over 700 athletes attending our tryouts and showcases, we have extremely limited resources to respond to every inquiry in a timely matter. Once the athlete is selected to a team, we can answer all specific questions based on the team he is selected to. Any question not answered below can be emailed to

Where can I register for tryouts and/or showcases?

What 7v7 age division do I try out for?

Please register under your current grade. Each tournament has different age divisions which we sort out once teams are selected.


If I make a mistake on the form during tryout registration can I fix it?

Yes. You can login to your Eventbrite account and change any information you need to change.


Is there walk up registration?

Yes. It is not recommended though because coaches familiarize themselves with each athlete prior to tryouts, including watching and highlights that are provided. We also sell out at most events so there is no guarantee we can get you in if you do not pre-register. If you are going to walk up, please arrive one hour prior to the start.

Do I need to purchase a tryout/showcase ticket to watch?

No. There is no cost for spectators. We do ask that all spectators stay off the field during all events. 

Do I have to be on a BOOM team to attend the Showcase?

No. Showcases and tryouts are open to everyone!


Do I have to attend multiple tryouts?

No. Athletes only need to attend one. Athletes that are not selected at tryouts also have a chance to make the team at our Last Chance tryout, Adidas Best Of The Best Showcase, Edgy Tim’s Showcase, and The Stage Showcase.


What are athletes evaluated at during tryouts? 

Athletes will be evaluated on their athleticism, their positional skill, and their ability to compete. 


Can athletes try out at multiple positions during tryouts?

10u-15u tryouts will allow athletes to play both sides of the ball. For 18u tryouts it is recommended that all 2-way players tryout at defense as it increases your chance of making the team.


What do I need at tryouts?

Athletes need cleats and a mouthpiece. QB’s will need to bring their own ball. 7v7 is non-padded so no helmet or shoulder pads are needed.


When will I be notified if I make the team?

Because we film the entire tryouts, we will use the following week to review the footage. Therefore, tryout results will be sent via email the following weekend. Athletes will either make the National Team (travel), Regional Team (non-travel), be invited for a callback, or not make the team.


How many athletes make the team?

Each National 7v7 team has 10 offensive skill players (RB, WR, TE), 12 defensive players (DB, LB), and 2 QB’s. Each age level has 2-4 teams. For our linemen teams, 6 OL and 6 DL make each age division. Regional teams have 2 QB and approximately 15-18 skill athletes.

I play another sport, can I still play 7v7?

Yes. We encourage players to cross train and play multiple sports, especially during the early years of your athletic career. We will need a copy of the schedule for the other sports so we are prepared for your absence.


If I make Regional do I have a chance to make National?

Yes. Each year we bring up 10+ athletes from our Regional teams to fill open spots on our National teams. 


When does the season start & end?

National teams will start in January and end early May. Regional teams will start late March and end in June.


What is the schedule during the season?

National teams will practice one a week, generally on Sunday’s. We will practice Sunday nights at Westmont Yard during the winter and move to afternoons at College Of Dupage during the Spring. 1-2 times a month we will have a tournament. 

Regional teams will have 1-2 weekday camps in March with practice on Sundays at College of Dupage during the start of the season. League play will take place at Westmont Yard or College Of Dupage. 7th-8th Grade games are Monday or Tuesday nights with 3rd-6th grade games being Wednesday or Thursday. 15u games will be on Saturday mornings.

2023 National Tournament schedule can be found HERE. 2024 has yet to be released.

*10u & 12u will only do the local tournaments and the national championships. BOOM Black 18u will be the only team doing OT7 & Adidas. 


How much does it cost to play for BOOM?

$600 National 7v7 (Partial fees due before 1st practice mid-January. Full fees due before equipment handout, early February)

$600 Linemen (Partial fees due before 1st practice. Full fees due before first tournament)

$350 Regional 7v7 (Full fees due before first practice in March)


What is included in the cost?

National - Includes uniform and selected gear (to be determined) that adidas provides for us. Traditionally the older the age division, the more gear adidas provides for the athlete. This includes cleats, gloves, training gear, travel suits, mouth pieces, training shoes, slides, and various accessories. Practice and tournament costs are also included in the cost. There is also no additional charge for the college visits, the ACT/SAT prep, the recruiting seminar, etc., that we provide for our athletes. 


Regional - Athletes will receive a 7v7 uniform, top & bottom. Practice and league costs are included in the fees. 


Linemen -  Includes uniform and selected gear (to be determined) that adidas provides for us, including cleats. Practice and tournament costs are included in the fees. There is also no additional charge for the college visits, the ACT/SAT prep, the recruiting seminar, etc., that we provide for our athletes. 


What is not included in the costs?

Travel & Hotel costs. Athletes will be responsible for their own transportation to practice, league games, and tournaments. Any tournament in driving distance, we will drive 15 passenger vans to assist. This is for athletes only. We also help athletes who travel to tournaments alone by assisting in transportation to and from the airport as well as room athletes together at the team hotel. General cost for hotel for the athlete per tournament weekend is $125-$150 (check in Friday, check out Sunday/Monday).


Playing time. We are a competitive 7v7 organization. Playing time is earned and not given. Athletes can expect equal reps at practice but during tournament play the athletes that will help us win will play. 


Soft Shell Helmets. National athletes are required to wear soft-shell helmets at all tournaments. We have a limited supply of helmets athletes can borrow, but it is recommended each athlete purchase his own helmet here:

Do you offer training?

Yes we do.

  • Football Performance Training At Acceleration Sports Performance available Monday-Saturday year round. Trial Assessments are available Monday-Thursday at 5:00pm or 7:00pm. Email

  • OL/DL Skill Training is available Saturday mornings 10am-12pm. $30 and pack runs at 8 for $200. Tuesday night training will be available during the Spring. Contact to schedule.

  • Skill Training (WR, DB, QB, TE, RB) is available Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Sunday's Winter-Spring. Contact for more information.

Can out of state athletes play for BOOM?

Yes, we recommend the athlete tryout. Once selected we will meet with the families to discuss the best plan.

Is there financial support available?

Yes. We have limited resources available to assist select athletes. Please fill out the form at to see if you qualify.

Further questions?

Please email

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