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"Signing on with the Midwest Boom Football program was one of the best decisions we’ve made as a family.  With Boom you get to practice each week with other elite football players from around the Chicago-land area.  You are coached by coaches who understand the game and the importance of the details related to the skill positions.  You then get to compete at tournaments against some of the best players in the Midwest and nation.


At Boom, Palmer was able to play both DB and WR.  He was the only Conant 2-way starter his junior and senior year.  As a senior (fall after playing for Boom), he nearly doubled the number of receptions to 56; had 1255 receiving yards; averaged  22 yards per catch; 11 TD passes and 2 PAT scores.  This while playing near every play of every game on offense and defense.  And, yes, I almost forgot, he was a special teams player for Conant.


The final point - - at Boom you also get exposure to scouts and the media."


Tony Graham (Father of Palmer Graham, Alabama State DB)




"We personally thank the BOOM staff for their concern for our son's welfare, both on and off the football field.  Bobby grew so much in his two seasons with BOOM and in his five seasons training with the Acceleration staff.  Not only did he improve in every physical aspect of strength and speed, but he grew up the most mentally as an athlete.  The constant coaching, praise, constructive criticism, friendship, and drive that the BOOM/Acceleration provided for our son was what gave him an edge over his peers.  He has moved on to a full scholarship at Iowa State to play football.  He was a redshirt freshman this year and is looking forward to getting on the field next year.

Thank you is not enough to say to all of the staff for their dedication, hard work and the ability to push young athletes to reach their goals.  Proud to have our son be part of a program who does things the right way.....always caring first about the kids they coach."

Bob and Joanie McMillen (Parents of Bobby McMillen, Iowa State Linebacker)




"BOOM was an awesome experience for Mikey on many fronts.  It was a great team atmosphere, with excellent coaching,  that allowed him to continue to grow as a player and as a young man.  He was able to work on his route running, the mechanics of catching, and his play following a catch.  It also afforded him the opportunity to play with other players from multiple High Schools and against some really great competition around the state, region, and nation.  Mikey gained all of these benefits and at the same time, and importantly, he had a blast and many good times.  The only downside of BOOM was it came during his last year of high school.  He had hoped it would have started much earlier in his high school or middle school years!  Thanks BOOM!"


Rick Dudek (Father of Mikey Dudek, Illinois All-Amercian WR)




"Thank you for this opportunity to share with you the wealth of experience that my son received at Boom. My son is a kid with a lot of potential. Coming into tryouts a coach would be excited about him and say, "this kid has IT" (and he does). Unfortunately, what you would get in tryouts and what you get in the game were a bit different. He lacked (past tense thanks to Boom)  aggressiveness and more confidence, especially when scouting his opponents. Although his skills are off the chart, Boom gave him that indescribable something he was missing. His game, confidence, understanding, and growth overall as an individual increased. When he hit the football field during high school this year- it all came out! A leader was developed during his time with Boom- on and off the field. In addition to his game's growth, more importantly his leaderships skills and classroom efforts increased tremendously. The college visits made him realize how real and important the education component is, especially when you desire to play beyond high school. And he's receiving an abundance of inquiries from colleges which he's excited about. 


One last thing; I am still shocked at what we got for what we paid. In all the years we've been a part of travel teams this by far was where we actually got a bang for our bucks!


Thank you, Boom!"


PG (Mother of a D2 WR)


"I bring him every week 4 hours away because I want him to get better every day and what could be better than him competing against the best guys in the state. The team has some of the best hands-on coaching you can get. I like that the team has a winning culture and is focused around helping the athletes at the end of day.”

Ced Mathis (Older brother of Gregory Thomas)

Bridget and I wanted to thank the coaches at BOOM Football for the opportunity you provided our son, Eric. I think the level of instruction at BOOM is exceptional. You also foster an intense level of competitiveness and accountability among your players. You deliver a regional and national slate of tournaments second to none. That combination of instruction and competition against the best talent (often times in your own practices!) developed Eric into a much better player. We're grateful to you and the coaches for the time and effort you poured into it. You delivered! 

Ken Esch (Father of Eric Esch)

"Boom is successful because they love their kids. You’re not staying in a program like Boom’s for five years unless you love it."

Baron Flenory (CEO of Pylon 7v7)

"We got the opportunity this year to be a part of a great program in BOOM. We thank you for all you have done. You have been a very important part of our families lives. I enjoyed traveling and watching my son compete against other teams. My son had an outstanding time and learned a lot. I thank you all for believing in him and giving him the opportunity of educating him on how to read a defense, where the soft spots are, how to attack the ball, how to break out of cuts, and how to become dominate. He is now staring both ways thanks to the work he put in with BOOM and we are excited to use all of this knowledge to transition him into his Senior year and onto college. You have put him so far ahead of where other student athletes are. I encourage everyone to work with BOOM, you won’t go wrong!!"

Terrill McCray Sr. (Father of Terrill McCray Jr.)

"To be successful you have to be around successful people. BOOM puts you around the best kids in the Chicago area and then you go out and compete against the best kids in the country."

Spencer Davis (Father of Drake Davis)

"I like BOOM because it makes you think. The competition is like no other. They take your better and make it your best."

Crystal Newsome (Mother of Greg Newsome)

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