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Jaden McGill Gives Recruiting Update

Class of 2021 prospect Jaden McGill had plans of visiting several college campuses this spring until COVID-19 hit. He was forced to put those plans on hold due to the length of the pandemic and an extended college dead period.

“I had a good amount of camps I was supposed to attend and 5 visits that I should have been on already as well. This definitely got in the way but it’s getting better now,” said McGill.

He has continued to stay in contact with schools and begun taking virtual visits.

“I have taken a few virtual visits during this time. They’re good, with certain coaches and schools you can feel the experience as if you were there but it’s still not the same as being there in person.”

McGill took virtual visits with Kansas State, Western Michigan, and Wyoming over the past few weeks. Virtual visits are new in the grand scheme of recruiting but are slowing becoming the new normal due to the current state of the world.

Once the dead period is over and recruits can begin taking visits, he plans on hitting the road. McGill will be taking visits to Kansas State, Cincinnati, and Michigan State. The University of Iowa has been in contact lately and he plans on investigating the Hawkeyes program more.

“I want to pick a school where I feel comfortable with the staff and that they care about their players off the field. Finding a spot that will continue to develop me into a better player is big.”

McGill has been in the BOOM organization for two years and has seen his game reach new heights.

“Coach Mike has been working with me since last year I have gotten way much better. Being here has helped me translate 7v7 to 11v11, I have been able to get better for once the pads come on.”

He will be traveling with his BOOM teammates to Dallas, TX and Orlando, FL throughout the month of June with hopes of finishing the season out strong.

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