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BOOM Honors Jaylon McKenzie

In May of 2019 BOOM Football Youth General Manager Michael Bertschinger received a call that no coach ever wants to receive. Upon answering the phone he was informed that rising star Jaylon McKenzie had passed away. McKenzie died of a gunshot wound to his shoulder.

Within a month of the tragic night that took the life of the rising star his teammates honored him in the only way they know how. BOOM unanimously won the Pro Football Hall of Fame National Championship. The entire organization wore black armbands to honor their fallen teammate.

A year after the fatal night that took the life Jaylon McKenzie, his teammates and coaches still remember their brother.

“The impact Jaylon had on so many people in such a short time is why he will be the driving force behind our program. Just like Jaylon, only greatness will be accepted.” -Coach Bertschinger

“He continues to inspire me to work harder every single day and finish what he started.” -Cole Teschner

"Jaylon was the best player I ever saw, period." -Grant Larkin

“A hardworking man who always worked for what he wanted and made it happen.” -Carnell Tate

“My boy, my homie, my brother, his great personality and work ethic is what inspires me to grind every single day and make it big for him.” -Kaleb Miller

Jaylon McKenzie Tribute Video:

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