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Rising Star: 8th Grader Kaleb Miller

Don’t wait to hop on the Kaleb Miller hype train. The train appears to be full speed ahead and Miller is only an 8th grader.

Miller has been a member of the Midwest BOOM Future Stars organization for three years and he has taken full advantage of his opportunities. At nearly early event he competes at, the talented 8th grader is recognized as a top performer. This summer he helped BOOM finish nationally ranked once again.

Most recently he was named Co-MVP of the Pro Football Hall of Fame 8th Grade All-American Game.

“Getting to play against the best kids in the nation is a huge honor, they told me to not hang out with the wrong groups and don’t post anything bad on social media because that stuff never leaves,” said Miller.

He earned his invitation to the game after a strong showing at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy in early July.

During the event he blew the coaches away with his 40-yard dash time. He was clocked running times between a 4.7- 4.6.

Miller began training with Acceleration Sports Performance in Naperville (Ill.) to improve his speed and core strength. He quickly began seeing results during his first few months as an Acceleration athlete.

“Acceleration helped me a lot. At first I thought it was going to be the hardest training but it turned out good. I went from running a 5.0 40-yard dash to a 4.7.”

Miller has high hopes for his upcoming Pop Warner football season. He plays on multiple teams in order to get maximum amount of reps at different positions. This year he has set the bar extremely high for him and his teammates.

“I’ve been down to nationals 4 times and never come back with a championship so this year I have to come back with one.”

At the end of his fall season he will shift his focus once again to the Midwest BOOM.

BOOM Showcase & Tryout Information:

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