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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many athletes will make the BOOM teams?

Chicago 18u 7v7 - 4 teams of 24 each

BOOM Kings (National Team)

BOOM Thrones (National Team)

BOOM Reign (Regional Team)

BOOM Castle (Local Team)

St. Louis 18u 7v7 - 2 teams of 24 each

BOOM Dynasty (Regional Team)

BOOM Majesty (Regional Team)

Chicago 15u 7v7 - 2 teams of 24 each

BOOM Crowns (National Team)

BOOM Royalty (Regional Team)

St. Louis 15u 7v7 - 1 team of 24 athletes

BOOM Kingdom (Regional Team)

Chicago 14u 7v7 - 2 teams of 20 each

Chicago 12u 7v7 - 2 teams of 20 each

Chicago Linemen Team - 24 athletes

How are teams determined?

Athletes will tryout for BOOM at our winter events. A select number of athletes will make the BOOM roster. From there, athletes will compete for team spots each tournament at practice. Rosters will change from tournament to tournament depending on recent game and practice play.

How much is it to play for BOOM?

Cost ranges between $250-$750 depending on what team you make. BOOM works with multiple charities to help those in need cover costs so that no athlete is turned down due to financial reasons.

What is the schedule?

Practice will start once a week late Spring/early Winter depending on the team. The season will end late Spring. Most practices are held on Sundays. Youth games are held during weekday nights with High School games/tournaments being held on weekends. Official schedule will not be announced until late January.

What gear will I receive?

BOOM is an officially sponsored adidas team. Depending on what team the athlete makes will determine what they receive. Last year's High School 7v7 team received multiple cleats, training shoes, warm up jacket/pants, training shirts/shorts, multiple pairs of gloves, & 4 uniforms.

Can I play other sports during BOOM?

Yes. We encourage athletes to be multi-sport and will be flexible with your other sports schedule.

How does BOOM help me?

Development - BOOM's coaches will teach athletes advanced skills to progress their abilities. Thousands of extra reps during the off-season will help athletes be that much more seasoned come the Fall and college Summer Camps.

Competition - Athletes will face the best athletes in the nation at tournaments and compete against the best athletes in the Midwest at practice. This helps not only prepare athletes for a college atmosphere but also to slow the game down once the athlete returns to his Fall team.

Exposure - BOOM has a full time Recruiting Media Reporter who will help promote you during the year. Multiple scouts, recruiters, and media are in attendance at BOOM practice and the tournaments we compete at. BOOM also pairs travel to tournaments with college visits. This allows the athlete to meet the colleges coaches and tour the facilities. BOOM uses its national network of college coaches to ensure coaches know about you and give you a true evaluation.


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