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The Midwest's Top Athletes Share Their BOOM Experience

"I think that BOOM is the premier place to be if you want to develop skills and maturity for the next level, Boom has helped me developed my game, and allowed me to play against some of the best players in the country. With all the talent on our team it allowed us to compete at a high level. Without this boom experience I believe I wouldn't be at the place I am today to compete for scholarships and have a college of my choice."

Greg Newsome - Northwestern Commit

"Boom has not only helped me in improving my skills as a player but taught me to be a man as well. Being a part of the program since 8th grade I got started at a young age, winning booms first ever national championship. As I may not have been the fastest kid, or the strongest kid, the coaches made sure that I was more than prepared for every challenge I was going to endure not only in the game of football but the constant battles of life as well. Boom coaches have instilled in my mind that there is much more to the game then just being athletic. They make it clear that is it the person with the mentality of a champion that is going to receive what they want. As JR always says, "nothing in life is ever going to be handed to you, you have to fight for what you want." Those words, I will remember forever. Besides the mental part, what these coaches do best is focus and put a lot of EMPHASIS on the little things. The little things are what we fix on the Sunday nights for 4 months when everyone else at home on the couch while we're at practice striving towards perfection. The little things for me, were the difference in being able to shut down a kid who runs a 4.4 when I only run a 4.8.

Another thing that boom has taught me is nothing is over till it's truly over. In this game it's more than necessary to fight and ball out on every play, as if it were the last play you were ever going to play, because it's the guy who takes the play off that's going to lose. While people may say that 7v7 is not real football, I will say that it has completely improved my game making football at my high school seem like night and day. For me it was an opportunity to compete against the best athletes in the country, not just to showcase my skills but to improve them as well. I can't say thank you enough to Boom for improving my skills in every aspect of life. They will forever have an impact on my life."

Jack Reiger - Conant LB

"BOOM helped me take my game to new heights because I learned college level techniques, and focused on the little things I didn't know about before I became involved with this program. Going against the best players in the state, and country allowed me to be better prepared for the opponents I face during the football season, and boosted my confidence so when the time came to make a play I was more than ready."

Josh Shodipo - Oswego DB

This was my first year with Boom, but I felt accepted, right from the start. The competition, and my teammates, helped me to play faster and gain more confidence in myself. Traveling with my teammates and coaches, I was able to get to know, and become friends with, some of the best athletes in Illinois. I really believe, that the exposure I received from playing with Boom, has helped me to gain looks and exposure that I may not have had. Thanks for everything."

Clayton Isbell - St. Charles East ATH

"As a player you need confidence, boom give you that as you get to continually work with the best athletes in the country. The atmosphere is highly competitive which fuels you to do better than what you thought. For me it did just that, they took me in and believe in my abilities and took the time to enhance them. Boom has truly made me a better player and now better and more elite for it."

De'Shon Gavin - Providence Catholic DB

"I started with Boom my 8th grade year and I can say that it made me a more aggressive player, it definitely heightened my intensity and presented me the opportunity to play against some great athletes across the country. Football is my passion and it was an honor playing alongside my guys I have played ball with since travel league football, that I compete against on Friday nights and we were able to squad up as one and build bonds as we traveled to tournies to put in work as brothers. I will miss my bros, and I want to thank Coach Lonnie for everything and a great season."

I'Shawn Stewart - Bolingbrook WR/DB

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