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#BOOMBUILT - BOOM's Football Skill Development

Midwest BOOM gives you an amazing college recruiting platform and allows you to compete against the best players in the country. Behind all of that glitz and glamour is the true teaching and development that goes on at a BOOM practice. Here is an overview:

BOOM Offensive Skill (WR/RB/TE) Development:

Reroute Avoidance Release Versus Press DB Manipulating The Coverage Through Stemming Hand Combat Versus Press & Reroute 2 step breakdown/Hard Decceleation Speed Cuts/Tilting The Hip, Maintaining Speed Intra-play Route Site Adjustments Eliminating Route Tells Stacking DB's To Create Separation Attacking The Ball Away From Body Acceleration After Catch (Loading The Hip)

BOOM Defensive Skill (DB/LB) Development:


Press Man

Feet/Face/Hand placement in press

Gaining a positional advantage in press

Minimizing separation while enhancing position during chase phase

Winning the positional battle during the catch phase

Off-Man/Zone Technique

Periodize both backpedal technique and shuffle technique

Read steps for 3/5/7 QB Drops

Gaining advantage while maintaining leverage and allowing the WR to close cushion

Attack angles based off route

Winning Positional battle during the catch phase


Implantation and understanding of over 30 Defensive coverages (including man/zone/formational checks)

Understanding Offensive concepts (I.e. route concepts/combinations/methodology)

Film break down of Offensive team and individual players

Identifying route tells

Identifying pre-snap checks/keys/reads based on formation

Pre-Snap Communication

BOOM QB Development:

Understanding Pre-Snap Alignment

Assessing First Defensive movement post snap

Coverage understanding and concepts

Manipulating Defenders with Eyes, Head, Shoulders, Pump Fakes and designed WR Lock-ON looks.

Offensive Attack Philosophy of take what the defense gives

WR progressions

Footwork Balance at the end of the drop

Proper decision making

Accurate Delivery (Consistency in Delivery)

Arc or Velocity Control

Throwing into projected windows

Throwing High Point and Back Shoulder balls away from Defense to give WR’s a chance to make plays

Throwing on Time

Relaxing Eyes and seeing the entire field while maintaining good footwork movement and shoulder turn

BOOM Linemen Development:


Hand placement and independence in punching with pass pro

Knee bend in run and passing game

Positive Shin Angles and Weight on insteps in run and pass game

Violence and Explosion with hands

Importance of first two steps

Proper pulling technique both "O" pull and Skip Pull

Looking in your blocks/Having a target

Handling games and stunts from the DL

Protecting against the bull rush

Pass Pro Posture at all 5 positions


Hand Combat

Explosion and lowness from stance

Double Moves

Setting up double moves

Using leverage to get OL off balance

Working Games and Stunts

Combatting the run

Using violent explosive movements to gain an advantage

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